Cho Tokimeki Sendenbu, the group that gather six members that debuted in 2015, released their new album with the desire to spread love! Their schedule counts with amazing events for the end of this year and the begginig of 2022.

The idols have one great goal since their formation that is to do a concert at Budokan, an arena built in 1964 in the city of Tokyo to receive Olimpic competitions. Find more about their songs, plans and relationship with the fans in the interview given for Suco de Mangá:

Which was the main idea that the group wanted to deliver with the latest released album?

An Juria: The ‘love’ towards everyone. This album is full of ‘Suki!’ and each song has a different message. I would be happy if you could find any encouragement, joy (tokimeki), or empathy in the messages and listen to them many times.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: It’s just packed with various ‘Suki!’! It turned out as a mini-album full of classic idol songs that convey the ‘Suki!’ of love and ‘Suki!’ of youth.

I would be happy if you could receive our feelings of ‘Suki!’!

Sakai Hitoka: I wanted to convey our ‘love’ to everyone who listens to our songs! Since there were many love songs this time, it was easy for us to convey. They were also songs that push us forward and cheer us up, so I would be happy if you could feel our love in them.

Koizumi Haruka: The mini-album ‘Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki!’ just wants to convey a lot of love ‘Suki!’. The album delivers the feelings of love from the lead song, ‘Suki! ~Cho ver~’, and the six recorded songs and love by the six members. Also, the costumes have the theme of “Suki” (♡), and love is conveyed in various forms and ways! It’s a cute album in every way, so I hope everyone in Brazil will love it!

Suda Aki:It’s a feeling of gratitude and love for those who support us. Because of our fans, we can do our activities as idols. We included these feelings into the six songs recorded in the album.

Tsujino Kanami: We released the mini-album ‘Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki!’ and it is filled with love from the six members and six recorded songs in the album! The songs will lie close to your hearts because they are about love for your favorite things, lovers, friendships and more.

Which song of the last album is the favorite for each of you?

An Juria: It’s “Jan Ken Pon”.

I like the warm lyrics that gently push you forward and give you courage. The melody of the song is also really heartwarming! I would be happy if this song became a cheering song for everyone who listens to it.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: It’s the song, “Cho Step Up”!

There is a lyric that says, “Being an idol is fun!” This is actually the words I said during the live performance, which turned into lyrics, so I am happy and savoring this while singing live.

Sakai Hitoka: I like the song, “Love nano♡”! It’s a song filled with love, and the lyrics might make you feel the chains, but that is also cute, and I want girls to feel the way these lyrics make you feel!

Koizumi Haruka: The song called “Cho Step Up”! It’s a song that conveys positive and enthusiastic feelings, such as the feeling of wanting to move forward together towards dreams and the cheerful feeling of “Being an idol is fun!”. The cheerful lyrics are just the characteristics of the song, and I believe the song will give strength to everyone who listens to it.

Suda Aki:  I like “Cho Step Up”.

This song has lyrics of which is like us now and includes a feeling of “Let’s keep moving forward!”

I think you would really enjoy the song because the melody changes many times.

Tsujino Kanami: It’s the “Ai Song!”. It’s the strongest love song ever! But it also includes cuteness to it, so I hope you have a listen to it!

cho tokimeki blue
Cho Tokimeki Blue / Kanami Tsujino (Instagram)

What do you do to get closer to your fans?

An Juria: I have the opportunity to talk with my fans at events. Usually, I try to stay connected as much as possible by sending out updates on my blog and Instagram and reading comments from my fans.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: I try to make eye contact with the audience as much as possible to make my fans think, “Oh, our eyes met!!” and wave to them during the live show!!

I’m happy to see the fans having fun, so I try to give fans a lot of what they want!

Sakai Hitoka: I try to look them in the eye and talk to them, and at the end of the show, I try to wave to everyone.

Koizumi Haruka: I update my official blog every day and communicate with my fans through Instagram, online events, etc.! I love my fans so much, so I miss them sometimes when we can’t see each other, but I talk to them just that much at various places!

Suda Aki: I post a lot on social media, and sometimes, I talk and throw words in a rough style.

Tsujino Kanami: I update my social media as much as I can!

I would be happy if you could feel the closeness with us through our blogs, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more!

Was there any action of a fan that felt memorable for you? If there is one, tell us how it was.

An Juria: At the beginning of my debut, when my fan base was still small, some people supported me by attending my events often and promoting me through social media. I was really grateful for them. At the time of my debut, and on my debut anniversaries, they made a board of messages, elaborate albums with warm messages, etc. I’m so happy and grateful, and these will be my treasures forever. These are the support that makes me want to work harder.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: There are just so many kind people!

For example, if you ask a question in the comment section of TikTok, “What’s the name of the green girl?” then, there is a PR staff who always answers politely.

A PR staff who happened to meet us said, “sorry” with a gesture and walked ahead of us so that it didn’t look like they were following us.

Now, in these times, we can’t call out at concerts, so fans follow the rule of keeping their voices down and respond with applause as loud as their voices!!

I’m so proud of their gentlemanly behavior! The PR staff members are our proud fans!

Sakai Hitoka: I am always grateful when people dance with us during the live show! I was also impressed by how so many people made cheering fans for us.

Koizumi Haruka: At the tour in the past, when fans held cheering fans that wrote, “Congratulations on finishing the tour!”

On the day of the final tour, when we all greeted each other and raised our heads after bowing, there was a very nice view of orange cheering fans, which is the fans’ color, and I couldn’t help but cry.

Suda Aki: I was surprised to see a fan with about six penlights around his neck and many more in his hands during the concert.

Tsujino Kanami: Cheering is not allowed at the live shows now, but the fan clapped all the parts that they usually shout out, and even if they couldn’t shout, it was a very fun live show where we all came together, and I thought the fans were amazing!

cho tokimeki purple
Cho Tokimeki Purple / Julia An (Instagram)

Which is the sensation about dealing with public from other countries?

An Juria: Recently, we’ve been receiving more and more comments from people overseas on SNS, etc. Still, despite the language barrier, they communicate with us in Japanese and try to understand us, and I’m really thankful for that! I could feel the passion in their messages, and it made me want to overcome the language and cultural barriers and promote our “tokimeki” to more people.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: I haven’t met anyone directly yet, but I’ve been surprised to see so many comments on social media from people overseas, and I’d like to thank TikTok and social media again for being so amazing!

I translate anything that has a translation feature, and I read the message!!

Some of you are so kind to send us messages after you’ve translated them so we can read them! I want to tell them that “We’re reading!”

Sakai Hitoka: Everyone has expressed their feelings in the comments, and we want to return our gratitude to everyone, so we hope to see you soon.

Koizumi Haruka: I’m so happy that people from countries I’ve never been to are getting to know us! We are also more interested in these countries, and people from all over the world are kind and cheerful. It’s fun to see that they enjoy our live concert and music in their own way! They are people from countries I’ve never been to before, so if I hadn’t been in Tokisen, I might not have met them at all, and I think this encounter is really lovely!

Suda Aki: I felt that there were so many delicious foods around the world.

Tsujino Kanami: I felt that there were many kind people here since they do their best to express their thoughts in Japanese in the comments, etc.

How did you react with the success of ‘Suki!’ on TikTok?

An Juria: I’m really happy that “Suki!” has become popular on TikTok, and we are very happy that many people overseas have come to know about Tokisen. I hope this will be a good opportunity for more and more people overseas to know about Tokisen and feel “Suki!”.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: It’s the first time for me to answer an interview like this in Brazil, so I’m very grateful for the song Suki! ~Cho ver~! I’d like to increase the number of fans who love our group, Cho Tokimeki♡Sendenbu, not only in Japan but also worldwide starting with this song!

Sakai Hitoka: I wasn’t expecting so many people to listen to this song, so there’s been a lot of surprises, but I’m so glad I got to meet people from other countries because of this!

Koizumi Haruka: I’m so happy that we’ve been able to meet so many people and get to know so many people from overseas who didn’t know about us before! Even though things don’t always go as planned, we were able to get a lot of people interested in us through TikTok, and it made me realize that there are many things we can do and that we should do many things! Also, I feel like I’ve been saved by the times and technology! You never know what will happen in life, which is why you should take on many challenges!

Suda Aki: I’m honestly very happy.

I think TikTok is an app that a lot of people of the same age use. I think it’s a great chance for us to be known in such a place, so we wouldn’t want to miss this chance and would like to keep sending out our messages.

Tsujino Kanami: I’m so happy that TikTok has helped our song reach the ears of people all over the world like this and that they’re dancing by making hearts with their hands!

We’ve been able to connect across borders, and I hope we get the chance to meet in person someday!

cho tokimeki red
Cho Tokimeki Red / Hitoka Sakai (Instagram)

Which are the plans for the group in the future?

An Juria: We will be holding our own live concert in Tokyo and Osaka by the end of this year. And next year, it has been decided that we would perform at Sanrio Puroland and at a venue, which is the biggest venue in the history of Tokisen.

In 2022, we will do our best to show you an even more powerful Tokisen than in 2021.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: To keep moving forward as classic idols! I want to stand on stage forever in my cute frilly outfits and lush hair!

Sakai Hitoka: Our goal is to perform at the Budokan, but we’d also like to perform in shows at overseas someday.

Koizumi Haruka: I’d like to increase what I can do little by little, go to a lot of places I’ve never been before, and attract a lot of people! I’m also hoping to develop my social media even more than before!

Suda Aki: We will be holding our annual Christmas solo live in Tokyo on December 26th and in Osaka on December 30th.

We will do our best to make it a wonderful Christmas.

Tsujino Kanami: It’s gonna be in Japan, and we’ve got a women-only LIVE concert and Christmas LIVE concert coming up!

Next year in 2022, we’ll be performing at Sanrio Puroland and at Yokohama Budokan!

Can we expect new songs and tours?

An Juria: If I had the chance, of course, I’d do it! I don’t have any plans yet, but I’m very, very eager to do it. To do so, I’ll try my best to become bigger and improve the quality of the group.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: I want to tour overseas so much!!! I don’t want to stay only in Japan in this short life! I want to go around the world! I want to go to Brazil, which is said to be on the other side of Japan!

Sakai Hitoka: Please look forward to it as we are looking forward to meeting people from other countries as soon as possible.

Koizumi Haruka: I’d love to do it! And when we do, all of you in Brazil and abroad, Please come and see us!

Suda Aki: Please!

We also want to do our best to expand our activities worldwide.

Please wait for us!

Tsujino Kanami: I hope you can look forward to it and wait for us!

We’ve never held a solo LIVE concert overseas, so we’ll do our best to make it happen. First, we will put in our efforts, step by step, so everyone overseas will know about us!

cho tokimeki pink
Cho Tokimeki Pink / Haruka Koizumi (Instagram)

Does the group have a huge dream or goal to achieve? Which would it be?

An Juria: The group’s unchanging goal, which we have been aiming for since our formation, is to hold a “Budokan solo live concert,” but I think we all want to grow as a group by gaining more fans.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: To hold a solo live concert at the Nippon Budokan!!

We want to be popular in Japan, and also a group that is famous overseas!!

Sakai Hitoka: To hold a live concert at Budokan!

Koizumi Haruka: My dream is to hold a live concert at Nippon Budokan.

I want to expand overseas and attract people all over the world!

Suda Aki: It is to perform a live concert at the Nippon Budokan in a full house.

Also, to deliver tokimeki across the world.

Tsujino Kanami: Our dream is to have a live performance at a place called “Nippon Budokan” in Japan.

And we want to spread our wings not only in Japan but also in the world, and fill the whole world with tokimeki!

Which is the main quality of each of you?

An Juria: Kanamin: As a leader, she always watches over everyone quietly.

Julia: The first thing you can tell about me is that I don’t have bangs! I did ballet for ten years, so people often tell me that my dancing is smooth and beautiful.

Hito-chan: She is the sun of the group. She always leads the group with passion.

Oharu-chan: She is also the MC of Tokisen and the one who brings everyone together.

Aki-chan: Her innocence makes Tokisen shine even brighter.

Hiyorin: Her cheerfulness, honesty, and versatility make Tokisen a more textured group.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: Kanamin- The big sister who is like a mother.

Julia- Elegant dancing.

Hitoka- The center that leads everyone like the sun.

Oharu- In charge of MC, who has a great memory.

Aki-chan- Overwhelmingly transparent.

Sakai Hitoka: Kanamin- She is a little clumsy, but this kindness about her makes you want to protect her when she’s next to you!

Julia is smart and solid! She used to do ballet, so her dancing is smooth and beautiful!

Oharu is in charge of MC, clever, sometimes people don’t understand her jokes, but she is straightforward and has her own opinions!

Aki-chan is just too cute! She is always cheerful and loves to eat! Just looking at Aki-chan makes you want to smile!

Hiyorin is funny, and when I’m with her, I get a stomachache from laughing so hard! She’s in charge of making people laugh? She can lighten up the atmosphere!

My fans tell me that I perform with a lot of passion! I may be a little sly, but I try to perform with passion when it comes to live performances.

Koizumi Haruka: Kanamin: Cat eyes, kind, patient.

Julia: Forehead, crisp eyebrows, beautiful voice.

Hitoka: Passionate heart like the sun, sly, eyes with strong impact.

Oharu: Droopy eyes, loves music, loves to eat.

Aki: Pure, funny, a polished face.

Hiyori: High sense of humor, gentle singing voice, a cute face like a baby.

Suda Aki: Kanami Tsujino has heart-pounding lines that are attractive.

Julia An dances smoothly, which is attractive.

Hitoka Sakai is passionate about everything, which is attractive.

Haruka Koizumi has an appealing voice full of emotions.

People tell me that I am always cheerful and cheerful.

Hiyori Yoshikawa has an attractive and stable singing voice.

Tsujino Kanami: Julia dances very smoothly and beautifully to the tips of her hands.

Hitoka has a powerful singing voice with passion.

Oharu is good at doing MC and telling stories.

Aki-chan has a shining and sparkling smile.

Hiyorin is a class clown who makes everyone laugh.

cho tokimeki lemon
Cho Tokimeki Lemon / Aki Suda (Instagram)

Tell us a curiosity about the group and the members.

An Juria: I think we can still do many things both as a group and individually, and I want to continue to challenge myself and do many things to explore these possibilities.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: The group is very cheerful, and the word “idol” suits us, but I think the group as a whole is very shy!!

I get catty when I go to a site that I’m new to or nervous about!!

But in reality, it is a super-spirited group!

Sakai Hitoka: All of us are so energetic and cute! I think we are a fun group to watch because each of us has interesting characters.

Koizumi Haruka: Group – Bright and cheerful, and everyone is positive.

Has a lot of personalities and cute faces.

Kanamiis good at editing videos. Her casual clothes are stylish.

Julia dances smoothly and she is a great talker (like a machine gun).

Hitoka likes to drive, and has great body figure.

Oharu likes singing, can play the guitar.

Aki likes anime and games, likes cosplay, and is not shy to tell jokes together.

Hiyori has brilliant talent to think about funny things, good at cooking.

Suda Aki: The whole group has tokimeki.

We can enjoy anything as a whole group.

Tsujino Kanami: Each member has their own personality and I think the more you get to know them, the more you’ll be hooked!

Is there any funny situation that involves one of the members? How did it happen?

An Juria: We had time to do some self-promotion the other day, but only Hiyorin of Cho Tokimeki♡Green didn’t say her name and instead said, “I’m the Tokisen’s Green!!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that she didn’t say her name.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: A week before Halloween, Kanamin handed out Halloween candies to our members and staff!

It’s a Halloween package, but it will expire by Halloween day, so she handed it out earlier and told the staff and members, “Eat it quickly because it expires soon!” over and over!!

Sakai Hitoka: Aki-chan eats a lot of the gifts we get at live shows, and the other day she ate more than ten egg tarts.

Koizumi Haruka: Before the live concert, we spray our bangs to make them hard so that they don’t get messy, and when it’s hard enough that it doesn’t move, everyone shows off in front of the camera, saying, “My bangs are now hard!”

Hiyori-chan started doing that, and everyone started copying her, lol.

We are a group that is easily influenced, one member starts carrying a parasol, and the next day everyone else does, one person starts drinking a protein drink, and the next day someone else does, etc.

We don’t mean to influence each other, but a few members are just influenced on their own.

Suda Aki: There are always interesting things going on.

The other day, just before the live concert, I hadn’t finished changing my clothes, and Hito-chan and all the members helped me change! lol

It was my first time, and it was hilarious! lol

Tsujino Kanami: In the corner of “FC Cho Tokimeki♡Sendenbu HQ”, Julia takes photos of members secretly and reveals their confidential information, and there is a suspicion of a love triangle between Kanamin, Hitoka and Hiyorin!

cho tokimeki green
Cho Tokimeki Green / Hiyori Yoshikawa (Instagram)

Is there something of Brazilian culture that you want to experience? (Just as a typical food you would like to try or a tourist place to visit). And which is the reason for this choice?

An Juria: I want to dance the samba with everyone! It would be fun to do a project on TokiBaro (Cho Tokimeki♡Sendenbu’s YouTube channel) next time! (I can’t wear that costume, though lol). I like churrasco food.

I’d like to go sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, or the Amazon.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: I want to see the carnival!

I want to see ladies dancing in colorful costumes!!

Sakai Hitoka: The pictures of Iguazu Falls were very beautiful and I would like to see it in person.

Koizumi Haruka: I’d love to see some football in Brazil! I don’t know much about soccer, but I often see Neymar on TV, so I’d like to see him play live! Also, I’m recently so into coffee, so I’d like to try some real coffee! (Although I can only drink the sweet kind…)

Suda Aki:I want to try the pao de queijo! It looks very sticky and delicious.

Tsujino Kanami: I’ve seen it on TV and stuff, but I’d love to actually see the samba for myself!

It’s gorgeous, and everyone looks like they’re having so much fun, it seems very interesting!

Leave a message to Brazil!

An Juria: Brazil is a country that has a very close relationship with Japan, so I would be happy if we could have more interactions in terms of popular music as part of our culture. I’d like to do a live concert with idols in Brazil someday.

Yoshikawa Hiyori: I’m glad we met through social media!

We’ll do our best so that we can have a chance to meet in person, so please keep supporting us!

If we ever make it to Brazil one day, please come see us! I’ll keep posting about it on social media, so please introduce me to your friends and expand my circle of fans!

Sakai Hitoka: First of all, I’m very happy that people in Brazil know about us. It’s a long way and opposite of Japan, but we’ll try our best to bring you our tokimeki one day, so please wait for us!

Koizumi Haruka:  ‘Suki’ Thank you for listening!

Someday I’ll get to meet you all in Brazil in person and rock on!

Please wait for us!!!

Suda Aki: Japan is a very long way from Brazil, but thank you so much for discovering us and supporting us.

We will definitely do our best to deliver our tokimeki directly to you one day.

Until then, I hope you’ll wait for us.

Please continue to support us.

Tsujino Kanami: To all of you in Brazil, it’s ️nice to meet you!! We’re Cho Tokimeki♡Sendenbu!

My name is Kanami Tsujino, and I’m in charge of Tokimeki♡Blue!

Please call me Kanamin!

We’ll do our best to grow into a big group so that we can go to Brazil to meet you!

Please continue to support us!

We’re sending you our tokimeki!

And we are on Instagram, so we would love it if you could follow us!

Thank you very much!

cho tomikeki
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