The worlds of anime and tarot have interesting points of intersection, and ARCANA PROJECT is the living proof of that. Blending the best of both, the quintet uses captivating voices and lyrics to portray characters and symbolically explore their internal conflicts in a unique way, creating a mystical element that can intriguingly add depth to the narrative.

In the card-reading game that, through divination, seeks to explore personal issues, understand the future, and gain profound insights, we can find many rich themes often portrayed in various forms in the plots of Japanese animations.

In another Suco Interview, we discussed these and other issues with Hikaru Amano, member that represents “The Stars” card. If you want to know more about the fascinating concept of this group, keep reading below!

Interview with Hikaru Amano from ARCANA PROJECT

What are the main musical influences of ARCANA PROJECT and how would you describe the musical style of the group?

Since ARCANA PROJECT is a group that sings anime songs, we always remember to respect the works we are in charge of and make sure to create music that can properly accompany those works.

The concept of ARCANA PROJECT is related to tarot cards and their meanings. How do each of you identify with the card that has been assigned/given to you?

My Tarot is “The Stars”. The star symbolizes taking chances and hope. I auditioned for ARCANA PROJECT and before that I had no experience singing in public.

Like the star tarot card, I am doing my best to be the hope of the group!


Do any of you know how to read tarot

I have never done fortune telling… but we all had a tarot card reading done by a professional fortune teller before. It was very exciting!

Now, let’s talk a bit about ARCANA PROJECT‘s most recent work. You’ve just released “Eureka,” your sixth single, right? First of all, we would like to congratulate you on the excellent work and we believe that this new song is very special for you, representing the beginning of a new phase for the group. Do you have any favorite or particularly special songs for the group? If so, why?

My personal favorite song is called “If I Change the World with a Dream”. As the name suggests, listening to this song makes you feel as if you were in a dream. The lyrics of the song are about inner struggles, I think that’s another appealing side of this song. Listening to this song is like purifying your heart.

Is there any anime that you believe that matches with the concept of ARCANA PROJECT and that you would like to collaborate with for an opening theme song?

You can read tarot cards upright or reversed and all of the anime songs we have been in charge of so far have been full of hope, like upright tarot cards.

However, I think it would be great to sing a song that depicts despair, similar to the one depicted in reversed cards. I would like to take on a dark anime song!


Have you watched “Synduality: Noir”? If the anwser is yes, who is your favorite character and why do you like them?

I looked forward to the anime every week! My favorite character is Ciel. Ciel is everyone’s diva, but there is a mysterious element to her that attracted me. I especially love the battle scenes where she sings and the music used during those scenes.

 What are the future projects of ARCANA PROJECT?

I would like to continue singing anime songs and hope to attract new anime fans with our singing. I want to bring excitement to many people through our music. I would also like to perform many live shows outside of Japan!


ARCANA PROJECT is a 5-member vocal unit by DEARSTAGE and Lantis. DEARSTAGE is the entertainment agency to which “” and “Niji no Conquistador” belong, while Lantis is a music label specializing in anime songs.

The five members of this group are Usa Sakurano, Hana Hanamiya, Shion Aida, Aozora Sorano, and Hikaru Amano. With a worldview based on tarot cards as its motif, the group expresses various genres of music with each member’s unique vocals and performance.

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