It’s such an honor for us, from Suco de Mangá, to interview a group full of talents like 2Z! As you guys are coming to Brazil, what about letting Brazilian people know more about you? Let’s go!

Listening to ACT1 and We Tuzi, we saw that your style is different from what we are used to here (like k-pop)! Let’s start our conversation talking about that! 

But first, to every member: please, introduce yourself by telling your name, favorite music/band, favorite color and food. 🙂 

HOJIN: Hello, I’m HOJIN, the vocalist of 2Z. I like bands called Coldplay and The 1975. I like orange and black, and I like Instant Noodle the best. 

BUMJUN: I’m the leader “BUMJUN” in charge of Drums. My favorite band is Coldplay. My favorite color is yellow and I like fried food.

JISEOB: Hello, this is 2Z’s ‘Guitarist’ JISEOB. A song I’ve been listening to a lot lately is ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ – ‘After the love has gone’. And I really like ‘Coldplay’. I get a lot of inspiration from ‘Coldplay’. I was shocked when I saw the ‘Music video’ of ‘Higher Power’ by ‘Coldplay’.

After watching a video of Korea’s ‘Dance team’ ‘Ambiguous’ expressing ‘Higher Power’ as a dance “We are ‘Band’ too, but if we can express music, we can dance too,” I thought.

The work inspired by him is 2Z’s song ‘East End’. If you watch the ‘Music video’, you can see the expression of music through dance. Of course, I’m not very good at dancing. ☺

I like ‘BLACK’. So now my ‘manicure’ color is also ‘BLACK’ ☺ And I like ‘Hamburger’ the most.

I think I eat it 4 times a week. No matter where you go to the ‘Tour’, as long as you have ‘McDonald’, you don’t have to worry about meals. ☺

ZUNON: Hello, I’m the oldest and DJ of 2Z, “ZUNON”. My favorite band is Imagine Dragons. My favorite color is Green. My favorite food is Pork Cutlet. 🙂

JUNGHYUN: Hello, I’m JungHyun, playing the Bass Guitar in “2Z”. My favorite band is U2. I like “Message” and beautiful music delivered with their great influence. I think it’s similar to the direction we want to go.

My favorite color is purple. My favorite food these days is pork belly. Meat itself is my favorite, and pork is my favorite among them.

How was the creation process to start 2Z? Tell us more about 2Z’s history, please!  

HOJIN: I have been friends with JISEOB since junior high school. I’ve never been to karaoke before, but JISEOB has always played rock music since we were in middle school. And he asked me to do an audition together. That’s how I got accepted by Audition and joined the band.

BUMJUN: Before I became a member of “2Z”, I was in a junior model agency with JungHyun. I worked hard as a model and I participated in the band audition with JungHyun. Fortunately, both of us were accepted in the audition and became members of the 2Z.

ZUNON: While working as a model, I had the opportunity to participate in the Band Audition, so I participated in Audition. In the first audition, there are many things I could do… I was rejected because I was not particularly good at anything. After being rejected like that, I had another chance to join 2Z after two auditions.

How do you describe 2Z?  

JUNGHYUN: If we describe 2Z as one Nickname, we can call it The Boys Singing Hope. The message that we always want to convey through music is hope. Even if we don’t have a lot of influence now, I want to have a good influence on people all over the world if our power gets stronger in the future. Our music will make 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, and 10 million people the driving force behind our lives.

Are you guys part of the music’s creation process? 

JISEOB: Many good producers are helping us a lot. And I’m trying to continue to participate in the production as a member as well! I think the most time-consuming task when working on a song is “tone select” of musical instruments. After deciding on one Riff, members stack Drum, Bass line, and Melody on top of it.

Therefore, “genre” changes to “tone” of musical instruments, and “Vibe” changes. So we do “tone select” according to the mood of the song we want to do. However, there is no “Rule” that is always followed. There are times when the lyrics come out first or “Melody” comes to mind first. In conclusion, I think it is most important than anything else that what kind of “Message” you want to deliver with the song you work on should be your top priority. This is because our goal is not just to play music, but to make our music a language.

If you answer “yes” to the last question, tell us more about your main inspiration when you are creating your music. 

JISEOB: My inspiration comes from the trivial. For example, our feelings of the day, weather of the day, the foods we ate. Among the 2Z songs, “Stupid” started with the feelings of 2Z who were frustrated practicing in the same “Studio” at a time when it was difficult to go out due to Pandemic. Like this, the song contains all the emotions and stories of our daily lives. Another inspiration is through works such as dramas and movies. We often receive new inspration in stories we have never lived or experienced. I think this is why 2Z recently released a lot of OST songs.

There are bands that inspire your sound?

HOJIN: I’m inspired by many bands Sounds. We (2Z) love these bands, such as Coldplay, The 1975 and U2. Like them, we are trying to challenge various “Genre” and express it in 2Z’s own color.

I have tried Synth Pop such as ’25’ and ‘I know’, ‘East end’ and Ballad and Medium tempo. On the other hand, hard rock tracks such as ‘Doctor’, ‘ACT1’ and ‘Siren’ also make it fun. We’re slowly looking for our own Band Sound.

It has been two years as a group, right? As you were just models and now are musicians, we believe that a lot of things have changed. How is it to be an idol? How do you describe it?

HOJIN: There is something in common between Model days and now as Musicians. It’s my job to be on stage. I think it’s wonderful to get love and attention from people. However, when I was a Model, I went on stage to show people my clothes, but I think the difference is that Musician goes on stage to deliver his message to people through music. As a Musician, I think it’s the coolest thing in the world to share emotions and empathize with people through music.

Sometimes I can’t believe we’re doing such a wonderful job. The same is true of the fact that someone is comforted by our music. So I think I should be grateful for every moment.

Actually, we don’t think of 2Z as an “idol” ourselves. The story and concept before we debug may be similar to “idol”, but we think we are just musicians who love music and are proud of the band. 🙂

Do you want to experience something new in 2Z’s future? 

ZUNON: I would like to experience participating in a Music Festival. There are many Music Festivals in various countries, and I would like to experience the Music Festival in Korea, and furthermore, I would like to experience participating in the Coachella Festival held in California Indio with better music in the future. I would like to see the eyes, ears, and hearts of the audience who came to watch the festival, side by side with the famous “Artists”. Also, I heard that Fashion is indispensable for Festival, but I would like to show you the unique Fashion Style of 2Z.

Any spoilers about future songs?


ZUNON: Various songs are scheduled to be released. One of them was probably mentioned in “2Z V live channel“. It is a joint work in which $un.L participated together. When this song is released, we will be able to play Family Song in which all “Artists” of our company “GOGO2020” participated. This song contains “Pride” by all of us.

So, you made the OST to BL’s k-drama Kissable Lips! And we have to say that LGBTQ community is really happy in the comment session of the official music video. And we are not just talking about Brazilians, but also people all over the world!

How was it to be part of the OST?

JISEOB: Thankfully, 2Z was able to participate in several Drama OSTs. First of all, I’m happy to think that we created music for Dramas. But most of all, I was very happy to be able to participate in the OST of Drama that our members appeared in. “OST” conveys deeper immersion and deeper emotions when viewed and heard with the scenes of the drama. So when we recorded it, we tried to convey the lyrics and images that fit well with the drama. It was so much fun and I was able to learn a lot!

It meant a lot to your fans that are part of LGBTQ community! How is the feeling of bringing representation to your fans through the music? 

BUMJUN: I’m really proud to hear that it means a lot to the fans in the LGBTQ community through “2Z” music. Prejudice is a big barrier that we should never have. 

We are Musicians, and I think it’s the right attitude to do our best to make and play the music we want to express. If the music made in that way sympathized with the public in any way and further comforted them, it would be a very happy thing. 🙂

Personally, I wanted to appear on Drama and make our (2Z) music known to viewers. We tried acting for the first time and made constant efforts to promote us. As a result of our efforts, many “Fandom” got to know us, and it’s great to be able to participate in “OST” with music suitable for a good “Drama.”I’m so happy.

In the future, I want to show various aspects of myself through various works. Also, I want to promote our music to many people.

We are all anxious about “A Crash Landing”! Now let us know more about your expectations about Brazil!

How is it to have a lot of fans on the other side of the world, here, in Brazil? 

HOJIN: I’m so thankful and happy… I even thought during the debut period that people would listen to our music and send us a lot of support and interest in countries that do not speak Korean. However, many “Fandom” of “Brazil” have sent us a lot of interest and support since right after “debut.” It means a lot to me. They have been able to handle the past two years or more on their own… Our first overseas tour is “Brazil,” so I’m very happy. I can’t wait to see how many Fans are waiting for us.

Wouldn’t our Fans be waiting for us and welcoming us at the airport? That’s what I imagine every day. 🙂

Did you expect you would be popular in such a distant country? What do you think about that?

ZUNON: To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be popular. In fact, I can’t realize it even when I’m doing this interview right now. I just think that the good people of Brazil are telling us good lies to encourage us. So I’m very excited and nervous about how many fans there will be when I go to the Brazil Tour. These days, I often dream of nightmare where I start performing without anyone when I enter the concert hall. 🙂

What are you anxious to do here in Brazil?

JUNGHYUN: Not only Concert and Fan Sign Session, but I also want to do Busking in the large plaza of Brazil. We have already performed Busking several times in Seoul. I loved the feeling of enjoying music with people who came across us on the street. And I was so happy when I saw people stopping and approaching us on the street.

I heard that “Brazil” people have a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Sometimes when we imagine doing “Busking” in “Brazil,” we imagine dancing and enjoying music together with “Brazil” people! When I searched for places where I could do Busking, there were many beautiful alleys even if it wasn’t a large square! I really want to do it!

Is there any place you’d like to visit? Any food you’d like to try? 

JISEOB: I would like to see the Rio carnival held in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. I heard that Rio Carnival is so famous that it is called the world’s largest festival. When I was a child, I saw a scene from “parade” in a book. I can’t wait to go to the scene and see the spectacular “parade.”

JUNGHYUN: The place I want to visit in ‘Brazil’ is ‘Corcovado’. Before that, I also wrote ‘Foz do Iguacu’ in the interviews. However, after seeing the approximate time ‘schedule’ I received a few days ago, I thought that ‘Foz do Iguacu’ would not be able to go. It’s been a very busy schedule…

But realistically, I think I can go to ‘Corcovado’!!

Because we are visiting ‘Rio de Janeiro’!!

I’m hoping to be able to see it from afar when I’m moving.

And the food I want to eat is ‘Churrasco’. I’m very curious about the taste of meat in ‘Brazil’.

What I’m imagining is, after the last concert of ‘Sao Paulo’ in ‘Brazil’, ‘Members’, the people of our company, and the staff of ‘Highway Star’, the production company of our ‘Brazil’ show, Churrasco. It’s like having a ‘Party’ while eating!

What’s your expectation about “A Crash Landing“?

JISEOB: In my opinion, our performance will be a little different from other artists’ performances. It’s not just about singing and playing, but because the whole performance is composed of a single Story just like Musical.

Because of the story, our Tour was named “2022 A Crash Landing”. Please look forward to it. The day is just around the corner. Please wait a little bit. ‘Brazil Fans’

Well, the interview is coming to an end. Let’s finish with some personal questions. 😉  

From 0 to 10, how close are you from each other?

BUMJUN: We’re so close that we can’t even count numbers. We are a family. We live in the same space every minute and second. We eat together and take a bath together. As I spend a lot of time with members, I often fight with them. Especially Jiseob fights with members the most. I guess we have a lot of love from the members. ??

What’s your main dream as 2Z? 

HOJIN: The message that we want to deliver is to be a good influence on many people. I hope our fandom will be much bigger than now. The world we live in is full of sorrow and pain. People hate each other and forget about gratitude. We believe that the ‘power of language’ of music can change these problems. We are people who want to give people courage and hope.

How do you spend your time when you aren’t working? What’s your hobby?

HOJIN: I like to look at the sea. The sea is about 15 minutes away from my house. I have loved the sea since I was a child. When I look at the sea, I feel relaxed and have various thoughts. Usually, I’m so busy that I take out my thoughts and worries that I put off for a while when I go to see the sea. Of course, not all concerns are solved, but I think it gives me room to imagine and think for a while.

BUMJUN: I like to watch Animation at Cafe, listen to music while reading books, enjoy shopping, and enjoy eating delicious food all day long and lying in bed without thinking. My hobbies are playing basketball, traveling, watching movies, reading books, swimming, cooking, and listening to music.

JISEOB: I like to meet and chat with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I like to laugh and chat together rather than being alone. This relieves stress and allows you to concentrate on your work again. I feel lonely being alone.

ZUNON: I usually take a nap when I’m not working. I like to be quiet, so I often spend my time alone. I enjoy walking alone, eating alone, listening to music and watching movies alone.

JUNGHYUN: I meet people. For me, meeting people, talking and playing with them is both a break and a healing. I especially like group gatherings! And it’s more exciting and enjoyable to meet people after a long time.

The other day, when I was in high school, I met with two teachers for dinner. It was my first time seeing this place since graduation, so I was very excited and happy. And my hobby is eating breakfast at home and going to a cafe alone to drink coffee. I spend time alone in a comfortable place, thinking, studying, and watching fun videos. And I like to take a walk early in the afternoon! Walking while listening to music on a fine day helps organize your thoughts and relax.

If you had to introduce your music to a Brazilian that doesn’t know 2Z… What would it be? 

JISEOB: I would like to introduce that 2Z music has both romance and empathy. If you keep listening to our music, you’ll know what we’re talking about! I would recommend “Not Without U” among our songs. “Not Without U” is a song that conveys a message called “Only One For Me.” “U” in “Not Without U” refers to our “Fandom” “From A.”

There are many 2Z songs that you can enjoy while doing “sing along” together. Among them, I think “Not Without U” is a song that represents “Sing Alone.” “Not Without U” has a charm that keeps you humming the melody of this song. If you listen to this song, you will definitely want to go to 2Z concert and play together. Listen to “Not Without U” and fall for fighting spirit.

To each member: how did you start your interest in music? Tell us more about influences and what led you to start to play your respectives instruments. We really would like to know about your start as a musician! 🙂 

HOJIN: I used to hate going to karaoke. My friend Jiseob first played me “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. I was very shocked. I felt so relieved. Then we both got accepted to Band Audition. On behalf of Band, I thought it was really cool to see “Vocalist” delivering “Message” that Band wanted to convey to people, and the more I listened to new music, the more I felt like I was falling in love.

Crucially, it was when I saw the live performance of Viva La Vida of Coldplay that made me think Band was the coolest in the world.

BUMJUN: I’ve loved listening to music since I was a child, and I’ve loved Hip Hop music. In the meantime, while working as a “Model,” I passed the “band audition” and started music. When I was a trainee, “producer” asked me if I could play “Drum,” so I came to know “Drum” for the first time. (At first, we had other drummer, so I prepared to play the keyboard and to be DJ, but when Drummer left the team, I played the drum.)

I like Basketball, Taekwondo, etc. I liked to play sports, but when I played Drum, I felt that “Stress” was released, and I felt that it was similar to exercise, so I thought it was a suitable instrument for me.

JISEOB: When I was in elementary school, I learned Acoustic Guitar at my mother’s recommendation. That’s why I naturally chose “guitar.” That’s how I started to like singing and playing “Guitar” since I was so young.

I learned Acoustic Guitar at my mother’s recommendation, but I gradually developed a dream of becoming a Guitarist. I lived with the dream of becoming a ‘guitarist’ as a member of the band. Then, I met my current company “GOGO2020” and met “2Z Members” as if it was all fate.

ZUNON: I’ve loved listening to music since I was a child. I became interested in Genre after learning so much music. I had a friend who played “Piano” when I was young, and I thought it would be so cool and interesting, so I started playing it with interest in the instrument “Piano.”

Then, I joined 2Z and was in charge of “Position” where I can play musical instruments that are helpful to “Band Sound,” and now I am running the overall flow of the performance as “DJ” of 2Z.

JUNGHYUN: I can never forget when I got the “Bass guitar” I practiced after passing the “Band audition.” The low-pitched sounds were really attractive, and the role in the band was even more attractive. Ensemble was the decisive factor in my interest in music. I couldn’t compare the joy and pride of playing together with the performance that I prepared hard for with my personal practice. As a result, my love for “Position” has grown, and now I love it. And I learned “Bass guitar” from our CEO. Our company’s CEO was a “Bassist” in the Korean “Legendary band” called “Sinawi”.

I watched a lot of videos of the CEO during his activities and learned “Bass guitar” in person, and learned a lot of “Attitude” as a “Bassist.” I learned “Bass guitar” from the CEO not only until now, but also “Pride” that I will have for the rest of my life while doing “Band.”

What’s your expectation about your own future?

JUNGHYUN: We expect more about our (2Z) future than about our individual future. The simplest reason is that we are “Band” and everyone is looking at the same place. What we are looking forward to is the days after Pandemic.

Until now, if I have played and showed music through Screen, I would like to do “Live” a lot after Pandemic. In particular, after this “Brazil Tour,” I want to make you feel what kind of band we are through more “Tour” and “Rock Festival” participation and “Busking.”

Many people believe and look forward to joining us as “Fandom” if we actually let them hear our music.

Soon you and Brazilian fans are going to meet! Of course everybody is anxious and happy. That’s it! Thank you so much for the interview! See you soon in Brazil!

Please, send a message to your fans!

HOJIN: I’ve written a lot of interviews from Brazil recently. I feel that it’s getting closer and closer to the time we meet. I will never forget the faces of each and every one of you I will meet in Brazil. I’m so nervous and excited. I hope you’re waiting for us with the same heart. 

BUMJUN: Thank you very much [Suco de Manga] for setting up the interview today. [Suco de Manga] staff will definitely come to our concert, right? 

We were happy to share our story with you today. I hope more people will listen to our music in the future, and I hope that our music “Message” will help many people. I hope we will have more time with “Fan” this year, and I hope we can have many opportunities to perform. From A, Let’s make a lot of good memories this year.

JISEOB: The day we’ve all been waiting for is approaching. I can’t believe so many people are waiting for us on the other side of the globe. This is a miracle! We want to give unforgettable memories to many people who come to Concert. See you on that day!

ZUNON: The days of participating in the Brazil Tour are just around the corner. I can’t wait to have a good time with you. We’re working hard every day, so please look forward to it. 

JUNGHYUN: Brazil who is waiting for us! June is just around the corner. Time flies, doesn’t it? Does it feel real to you that we will meet in June? It hasn’t hit me yet. It’s full of excitement and excitement! We will never forget that our first overseas tour was Brazil.

Although COVID-19 continues to give us a hard time, let’s keep up the good work and win! And we have to meet! Don’t forget that health is the most important thing for us to meet! I hope everyone stays healthy and see you in June!