tricot is releasing their new album, JODEKI, today! It’s their first release in more than a year. The album includes 12 songs and it is expected that it will bring sides of the band that we already know and also new ones. The name “Jodeki” means “good job”/”well done”.

tricot is a japanese alternative rock band that has debuted in 2010. Their sound harmonizes pop and emotional vocals with a complex rhythm. The group has already done lots of concerts overseas, including in Asia, Europe and United States. The four members, Ikkyu Nakajima, Motifour Kida, Hiromi Hirohiro and Yusuke Yoshida gave an interview for Suco. They talked about the new album and shared facts about the band and the members.

Which was the inspiration for the name of the new album, Jodeki?

Ikkyu: Well, I was on the train and popped in my head suddenly and I thought it sounded really cool.

About the album cover, how did the ideas for the two versions arise? (Album + DVD and Album + Blu-ray)

Ikkyu: The album title “Jodeki (means “well done” in English), we wanted convey the feeling of ‘pedigree’ on the jacket artwork, which we associated with a dog. So, “a Jodeki dog” (a good dog) ended up being on the CD cover.

tricot jodeki
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Which are the new aspects of the band that come up in this album?

Yoshida: I tried using synth bass more and played more guitar solos than usual. I thought that was fresh and inspiring.

Was there a song that was more complicated to create or to record?

Kida:  “INAI” has a tie-in with a TV drama, so it was difficult and fun at the same time to balance the requests from the drama creators as well as expressing it as a tricot song.

Was the order of the songs in the album planned or not?

Ikkyu: We decided the song order based on the vibe we felt after all the songs were done.

Why, between all songs in the album, Kayoko was chosen to be launched first just as its instrumental version?

Ikkyu: There are many fans who want to listen to tricot instrumentals. And I also wanted everyone to hear and experience the music before vocals are recorded. So we decided to digitally release the instrumental version before the complete versions of the songs.

Motoko Kida
Motifour Kida / Instagram / Twitter

The song “ティシューのように” highlights in the album because of its softness. Can you talk about the ideas behind this song?

Ikkyu: It’s the most laid-back song on the album, so the lyrics have a ‘we don’t care’ attitude which extends to the feeling of the song as well.

How do the group feel about the release of the new album?

Kida: Our vibe changes with each release, so I’m just happy that fans can listen to the newest tricot songs right now.

What is the sensation of starting a tour after COVID-19 world crisis?

Hiromi: The pandemic isn’t completely over, so I’m not 100% comfortable yet, but I’m happy to be able to go on an overseas tour for the first time in a while.

Have you already gone to all the places you’re going to visit through Walking X Walking tour? Or is it the first time in one of the countries or cities?

Yoshida: I’m excited to go to Spain for the first time!

Ikumi Nakajima
Ikkyu Nakajima/ Instagram / Twitter

Is there a difference between doing a concert for Japanese fans and foreign public?

Kida: Although there are language differences, I feel there is no difference in terms of performing for the audience in front of me.

Which are the biggest thing you guys learned after 11 years of career?

Hiromi: I think it is very important to enjoy everything, even if it is a difficult task. And don’t stop taking on new challenges.

Does the members see each other more as a coworkers or as friends?

Ikkyu: I’d say he’s a friend.

Yoshida: I think he is both co-worker and friend.

Which are the songs of the album that each member considers more challenging in their instrument?

Kida: Throughout the album, I was conscious to play guitar with a tone that was not like a guitar, and I think that is especially true on “KAYOKO” and “Jodeki

Hiromi: I played the synth bass for the first time in “WALKING.” It was a different experience from the usual electric bass, so it was a fresh perspective.

Yoshida:  I’m happy that I was able to make “Jodeki” into a song that is cool and intense.

Hiromi Sagane
Hiromi Hirohiro / Instagram / Twitter

Ikkyu Nakajima, how do you take care of your voice to work in tricot and Genie High?

Ikkyu: I take two cod liver oil drops a day and drink a tablespoon of flaxseed oil every day. Also, I eat Ryukakusan throat candy like nobody’s business.

Ikkyu Najajima, what do you do to sustain the melody over a complex instrumental rhythm?

Ikkyu: I’m not particularly good at music theory, and if I think too hard, I get lost, so I just try to feel it.

Motifour Kida, which is your biggest musical influence?

Kida: Number Girl, ACIDMAN, Shiina Ringo, Hiatus Kaiyote and The Internet

Motifour Kida, which was the most difficult song to record on studio?

Kida: On the recording, I am operating the guitar effects with my feet while I’m playing, exactly like a live performance. So, it was difficult because there were many pedal steps on “Iitsukusu talk shimasu mamonaku

Hiromi Hirohiro, which are your main musical influences?

Hiromi: Shiina Ringo and Number Girl

Yuusuke Yoshida
Yusuke Yoshida / Twitter

Hiromi Hirohiro, which of the songs of the group is more difficult to perform live?

Hiromi: There are many difficult songs, but the song “Hako” ends if you lose track of it.

Yusuke Yoshida, which is your biggest musical inspiration?

Yoshida: King Crimson

Have you already heard Brazilian rhythms?

Kida: I’m not too familiar with Brazilian music, but I incorporate samba rhythms into tricot songs.

During composition process, does instrumental accompaniment or the melody that will be singed come first? Or it depends?

Kida: Mostly, I start with the instrument melody, but sometimes I come up with a song melody at about the same time or start with a song melody.

What do you know about Brazil?

Ikkyu: I’m not very familiar with it, but I have an impression that their soccer team is strong, am I right? I also love Brazilian coffee.

During pandemic, did you started having new hobbies?

Hiromi: I started my own YouTube channel. I mainly post about games and was really into a game called APEX.

Do you like to watch tv series or to read mangas? If the answer is yes, tell us which you like the most currently.

Yoshida: I like both, but I watch TV more.

Leave a message for Brazilian fans. Can we expect a concert in our country?

Ikkyu: I wanna eat Brazilian food. Of course I want to hold live shows.

Kida:   I hope we can go to Brazil in near future. I’m looking forward to our first live show in Brazil!

Hiromi: I hope you continue to listen to a lot of tricot music! I hope to go to Brazil someday.

Yoshida: I’m looking forward to going to Brazil someday. At that time, let’s enjoy together.

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