The band Ling Tosite Sigure (“Cold Seasonal Rain” in Japanese)  with current members TK (Vocalist & Guitarist) 345 (Bassist & Vocalist) and Pierre (Drummer) has been playing for 20 years, the band’s sound is a mix of post-hardcore and progressive rock, the kicker of their melody involves fast changes in the rhythm and feeling of the song while enveloping the audience with exquisite drumming and guitar rifts. Another important trait of the band is the fact that they have both male and female vocals and both provide a myriad of sounds, from softer singing to louder screams that add power to the songs, to attend their live performances is to embark on a fun and electric sensorial ride you never want to step down from. 

As smoke feels the Haneda Zepp venue on June 12th, 2022, the members take the stage, all wearing their black tour t-shirts with the band’s name on it, fans clap energetically, because of Covid-19 protocols, people in attendance cannot scream or talk during the live, so their energy is mostly transmitted to their artist of choice through clapping and body movements.

Missing ling opens their set, a fan favorite as blue and purple lights tell a story on the stage, a feeling of despair comes from the song but the softer white spotlights provide calm among the storm brought by their powerful sound. Next is laser beamer, a song part of the 舞台PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス Virtue and Vice」series. Lime green lasers signal the song title and are then joined by red lasers that vibrate to the rhythm, the bass takes the center stage as the lights dance and flicker nonstop. 

The vocal T.K greets the audience for the first time, among the fans cheerful claps and quickly follows with  abnormalize the first opening of PSYCHO-PASS, with a strong guitar riff intro that takes the spotlight while the lights shadow the band members until the song breaks, fans clap to the rhythm and the lights shutter nonstop the rapid ride comes to a sudden halt right at the end. JPOP Xfile coincidentally is the fourth song of the night, since it is also the fourth song on their third album, Just A moment. This time the drums open the song and guide it throughout yellow and blue lights. 

DISCO FLIGHT and  a 7days wonder have fans raising their arms and jumping to the beat with perfectly synchronized lightning. The 7th song a symmetry; it’s anything but symmetrical; it features aggressive screaming and shouting with an explosive outburst near the song’s conclusion that demonstrates TK’s vocal range.  Right away Serial Number Of Turbo is an acoustic-driven song where TK’s falsetto highlights the raw essence of the song. With illusion is mine the venue is filled with blue and purple lights, giving the audience a feeling of being underwater, while fans fist pump the air  to show their excitement for the song as soft but powerful female vocals shape the beat.

During the second MC the drummer Pierre greets the audience while thanking everyone for their support as he shares tour stories while hyping everyone for the next songs to come, like Beautiful Circus, 想像のSecurity and ハカイヨノユメ(Hakai Yono Yume); the songs seamlessly connect with one another as fans fist pump the air nonstop while jumping. Telecastic fake show has fans bouncing to the chant of “time revolution” while green and orange lights move to the beat, the vocal duo shines through the songs.

Calm returns to the stage after such an eclectic showcase as the bassist and vocalist introduces herself, thanks the fans for attending and showcases the newest tour goods, the exchange between members and audience is fun and fans will certainly want to purchase the novelty items on their way out if they hadn’t already. The song with the same numbers as the showcased member (345) am3:45 follows her interaction.

To end the show, the sound of an old router connecting to the internet serves as the intro for 竜巻いて鮮脳 (Tatsumaite Sennou) where both vocals take center stage, as red and white lights move erratically but yet following the beat on stage. The band leaves the stage after such an exciting song, with fans looking forward to the next show.

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凛として時雨 DEAD is ALIVE TOUR 2022

Live at Haneda Zepp.

  1. Missing ling
  2. laser beamer
  3. abnormalize
  4. JPOP Xfile
  6. a 7days wonder
  7. a symmetry
  8. Serial Number Of Turbo
  9. illusion is mine
  10. Beautiful Circus
  11. 想像のSecurity
  12. ハカイヨノユメ
  13. Telecastic fake show
  14. am3:45
  15. 竜巻いて鮮脳
ling tosite sigure
Photo by Yuki Kawamoto
ling tosite sigure
Photo by Yuki Kawamoto
ling tosite sigure
Photo by Yuki Kawamoto
ling tosite sigure
Photo by Yuki Kawamoto