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ling tosite sigure

Ling Tosite Sigure | DEAD is ALIVE TOUR 2022 Live at Haneda Zepp

Ling Tosite Sigure is celebrating their 20th anniversary with the tour Dead is Alive. Check out the live report of their Haneda Zepp performance and don't miss their live streaming!
vicke blanka

Vicke Blanka | Suco Interview

Responsible for two outstanding songs from the Black Clover anime, Vicke Blanka makes it very clear: he wants to perform in Brazil! Check out more at Suco Interview.
daijiro nakagawa

Daijiro Nakagawa (JYOCHO) | Suco Interview

Inspirations, plans for the future and personal opinions: check out our exclusive interview with JYOCHO's Daijiro.

LM.C | Suco Interview

We talked with the guys from LM.C and celebrated 15 years of the band! Check out our Suco Interview.

XANVALA | Suco Interview

We interviewed the Japanese band XANVALA to talk about their formation and how their trajectory has been so far.