Fullmetal Alchemist Manga gets a new Smarphone game!


On the 20th anniversary of the manga, Square Enix announced a new smartphone game, inspired by Hiromu Arakawa’s original Fullmetal Alchemist manga that ran in Monthly Shonen Gangan from 2001 to 2010.

In August a rerun of a previous art exhibition for the franchise in Tokyo and Osaka this winter and next spring, respectively, a preparation on a 20th anniversary book for the franchise, free streaming of the first three Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime episodes on YouTube, upcoming digital releases of Arakawa’s one-shot works, a free digital release of the first volume of the manga for a limited time, and a collaboration cafe next year are some of Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine highlighted commemorations for the anniversary!

Arakawa is best known for her Fullmetal Alchemist and Silver Spoon manga, she’s launching a new manga series in Monthly Shonen Gangan soon.

The manga inspired television anime adaptations in 2003 and 2009, two original video anime (OVA) releases, two anime films, and a live-action film. Similar to the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime, the 2009 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime is based on Hiromu Arakawa’s original manga, though the latter hews closer to the manga’s story and ending.


The announcement was made on a special live-stream, and we’ll have more details of the Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile in “2021 Winter”!

by Thai.