We had the opportunity of interviewing the DJ’s and producers, AmPm. The duo released a single on October 15th. Amsterdam is part of a sequence of songs named after cities that includes Tokyo, New York and Jakarta.

Do you want to know more about their work and style? Check the full interview below.

In 2021 you launched a lot of songs, including Amsterdam, that became available in October. The fourth song named after a city. Which was the reason for each of the city to be chosen?

Just like you, we had travel restrictions to Covid-19. When we looked back at our activities, we realized that a large part of our roots came from our travel experiences to various countries. Then we decided to make songs inspired by the countries we visited.

Can we wait for more songs in the cities series?

Of course, we’re sure there will be more to this series in the future. At least we haven’t covered all the cities we’ve visited until now. As we continue traveling, this series will grow.

Is there an artist that you would really like to make a collaboration with? If the answer is yes, what are the reasons?

Yes, but it’s tough to name them specifically. There are many musical artists we would like to collaborate with, and there are a lot of great artists out there that we just don’t know about, so we hope to continue to collaborate with musical artists around the world.

What are the plans of the project for the next year?

To be honest, we haven’t decided yet. We’re sure we’ll be releasing collaborations and dance tracks of the city series like we did this year, but first, we’d like to do some live concerts. We’d love to go around the world on tours.


From AmPm debut until now, is there a most memorable occasion?

In 2017, we made our debut, and that year, we were invited to a festival in Indonesia. It was only a few months after our debut, but we had about 10,000 fans welcoming us and singing along with us. It was such a great memory.

Which was the motive to choose animals mask? After polar bears and rabbits, do you already have the next in mind?

Honestly, it could have been any mask, but many masks have traditions or religious elements of that country, and we respect those. We wanted to wear a mask and perform, so we decided to wear animals’ masks after considering various elements.

We haven’t decided on the next animal, but as we said earlier, animals could also be important motifs in some countries and religions, so we would like to respect that and decide on the next animal.

Is there an artist that influences or inspires the musical style that you present?

Both of us have very different tastes and influences on musical artists. One of us is The Beatles, and the other one is Michael Jackson. What they have in common is that they are both legendary artists and have challenged new fields, not just music activities, and defied stereotypes. We also don’t want to be bound by common sense, and we always want to keep challenging new things.

Taking in account your experience with creative production and digital marketing, would you say that social media are essential for artists to grow nowadays?

We think it’s necessary. To do that, we think artists need to engage in many different activities, not just music… but anyhow, everyone must be busy. For example, playing games would be essential for a musical artist nowadays.

If you want to know more about their music, you can access their articles on medium. Click here.